Organic & Emotional – Wedding Storytellers

Endless nights of wandering about the purpose of life lead us to a very significant thought: the world keeps spinning with or without us.

In this fraction of time we call Life, we should all think about leaving a mark to the generations to come. We found our purpose in telling real life love stories in this organic and natural way, making love last forever, while telling the future generations about how awesome it was. Always giving our best effort to meet souls of people we shoot makes every story unique and beautiful in it’s own way. We believe our craft is equal only to emotions we manage to capture. It’s not about us following our artistry, style or ideas.

It’s about lives of the people that gave us the honor to participate in one of their most memorable days.

Selected as one of “The Best Of The Best 2016” by Junebug Weddings Magazine.


Curated work: