Ever since the airplane took off on our way home from this urban jungle last year, we’ve been dreaming of coming back for another love story. Without any question, it was worth flying half of the globe one more time this October, to meet these two beautiful people. Their story waited for too long to be told, and we had our cameras ready.

The best thing about photography is that it’s a language everyone understands. We certainly do not speak Chinese. And Beizi and Yunyu might not have been able to share every thought with us in English. Yet, as long as they spoke with their love, we understood it through our cameras.

Their deep looks, passionate kisses, and bonding hugs spoke so loudly we could almost feel the air around us moving. Emotions poetically emerged with every move they made. And we were so driven to capture this glorious energy at majestic Hong Kong backdrop.

Although two days were insufficient for photographing everything we felt about them, it’s the boundaries that made us push harder. The lack of time that awakened us to seize every moment happening in front of our eyes – and in Beizi and Yunyu’s hearts.


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