August 8, 2019

There’s probably too many blogs talking about weddings at this moment. Yet we had an idea of polluting the internet by creating another one. 

Introducing: #loveisourhome

While we won’t be calling it a blog, but rather recognizing it by a hashtag #loveisourhome – it’s supposed to essentially become a hybrid form of a weekly photography journal and a wedding inspiration magazine.

Love is our home, but this home craves for new decor. So, Danilo and I started gathering all these incredible creatives, working together on presenting ideas of who the new brides and grooms could be. We have shot several editorials (or digitorials, if you prefer), and we’ll post them in the following weeks.

Any intention of following the existing trends is going to be absent here. Exploring the possibilities in the yet, I believe, undiscovered seas of wedding style is what we’ll try making it about.

We know there’s a whole new world waiting for us behind the thick surface of tradition… So we started peeling it, one layer at a time. If you’d like to see what we will find underneath, please take a seat. Or subscribe!

Hope to see you around,




By creating wedding images that provoke convention, Danilo and Sharon [est. 2013] developed an award-winning studio, known for it’s defined aesthetic approach and bespoke wedding photography services.