Design Anarchy | How To Plan a Unique Wedding Experience

May 31, 2021

Weddings are far from what they used to be a few years ago. They became one of a kind experience. A way to express our creativity like never before. And that’s why we invited the (unproclaimed) queens of extraordinary wedding design! Eva & Clara, founders of the wedding planning agency Design Anarchy will share with us their first-hand advice on how to plan a unique wedding experience.

If you don’t know about them yet, wedding planning and event design team Design Anarchy has worked on some of the most incredible wedding sceneries. The ones that make you rub your eyes in awe. But above all, what Clara and Eva mastered is challenging the status quo with every aspect of the “big day”. Keeping every person in the room (or under the sky) amused.

No. Amused is an understatement. Mindblown, that’s the word.

So let’s hear it from Eva and Clara

  • Your brand name used to be “Chic Weddings in Italy”. You recently changed it to (way more suitable) “Design Anarchy”. Are there any rules when it comes to wedding design, or has anarchy become more appropriate?

Eclectic Anarchy forever! We have always loved maximalism and never followed trends to the letter as when a style becomes a trend it means that it has already been seen way too much. There are no rules but just the ability to visualize. Creativity is all about going beyond the current reality to achieve an original, sometimes unexpected result.

  • What do you think is the key to keeping it emotive and about the couple, while creating these stunning wedding sceneries?

It’s imperative to get a detailed brief and to get to know who the clients and the guests are. We ask the couple to mention their favourite hotels, restaurants, interiors, and how they picture their event dress code. From these answers we understand much more about their personal taste than from any wedding-related moodboard as sometimes it’s easy to get influenced by others, forgetting who we really are and what we truly like.


design anarchy interview

  • Could you give us a checklist of transforming a wedding into a unique experience?

There are 5 ingredients to a great celebration: all 5 senses must be taken into account to connect with our guests. The beauty of the setting (sight) doesn’t create the experience alone, it needs to be combined with amazing food (taste & smell), engaging entertainment (earing), and fine linen/accessories (touch). There are then two additional essential elements: the first is lighting as it contributes to the ambiance and the second is the service as polite, friendly, and professional staff make guests feel important while at ease.

  • We see rapid progress in all areas of design, and it seems it’s finally introduced to weddings, as well. In which ways can modern trends uplift wedding traditions?

In our opinion, the modern world is turning towards the traditions of the past, while revisiting them in a less conservative way. Specifically, couples are interested in artisanally crafted accessories for their table setting and their gifting, in sharing authentic activities with their guests, in learning local skills (such as dancing Pizzica in Puglia for example).

Couples tend to focus a lot on the detail and invest in custom-made ceramic plates with their own logo, in hand-embroidered linen napkins, in welcome bags for their guests that contain fine products and local decorative crafts.

To meet the increased interest in tailor-made solutions, we have recently created our new Design Anarchy Collection of personalized accessories for events, with a variety of pieces that can be pre-ordered on our online shop to meet unique and very specific briefs.


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  • What would be your biggest advice for couples when it comes to expressing individuality and creativity on their wedding day?

We have a mantra: be uncommon, be you. We are all individuals, meaning that if we don’t follow others but are self-confident enough to follow our heart and thoughts we can create the most incredible celebrations, that reflect our own personality and life values.

A great event producer will use their expertise to help their clients find their own creativity and combine their ideas into a stunning & cohesive result.

  • Describe the bride of 2021/22 from your point of view.

After what happened in these past 2 years, brides are just keen to have fun. They are down-to-earth, practical, and eager to enjoy a wonderful time with the people they care about. All our clients have a deep interest in design and are always after a stylish event, but right now the focus is more on entertainment than cascades of flowers.

Clients are interested in pampering their guests as it is cumbersome to travel around the world, especially for a destination celebration. They try to avoid waste and prefer to purchase a custom-made set of plates, napkins, and linen that are produced just for them and can be kept and reused in the future than investing in other perishable items.

  • In conclusion, feel free to share whatever’s on your mind right now. Or surprise us with a question!

Well, I have a question for you… After shooting many celebrations, can you describe the wedding you would die to shoot next? Our dream event now would be a large wedding at the top of a mountain in the Italian Alps, with cows, sheep, and a very simple menu of traditional recipes, contrasting with an extremely elegant & uniquely designed table setting as well as an extravagant dress code since we love to mix nature with fashion.

Our answer & conclusion

We daydream a lot these days, and can’t wait to get back to shooting love-fuelled celebrations. And we feel lucky to say that our dream weddings are the ones we’ve already been to! Those are intimate destination weddings that happen over the course of two or three days at remote locations. Bridal couple and their guests would spend their time together through various activities, often avoiding the traditional wedding schedule. We call these wedding retreats!

On top of that we are usually invited to become a part of the gang, so we get to have tons of fun and meet incredible people while doing a job that we enjoy… What more could we ask for? Maybe to get to shoot such wedding with Design Anarchy in charge!


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