Babba and Carl’s “Love Party” at Stockholm Archipelago

September 26, 2019

Words by Danilo ∙ Photographs by Sharon

There are certain people who can’t settle with spending only one day of life celebrating love. Sharon and I, for example. So we hosted our second wedding a couple of weeks ago. Although it did feel a bit weird to send wedding invitations five years later again, it was all so worth it after seeing our friends and family gathered around the same table once again. And I would be lying if I said that we would execute on that already this year without some boost of inspiration…

It hit us after the first call we had with Babba and Carl – they explained to us that they’ve had so much fun at their wedding, that they immediately felt like they should create another chance to get everyone together. Coming from a similar state of mind ourselves, we felt incredibly excited about being invited to document Rivera’s “Class of 2019”!

On the way to the island of Utö

All set for the Friday dinner – with Carolina Herrera white organza gown & Sania D’mina ivory pearl Elena shoes.

It was very soon upon arrival that we realized how everyone at this group had a special bond together – something so rare and beautiful. Sharon and I were certain that we’ll meet some wonderful people, but this was something else. It was as if we’d stepped into a huge family, with everyone feeling as they’ve now come home.

So #loveisourhome – right? 🙂

The dinner was served in a true Swedish setting, followed by some quirky, but all very emotional speeches:

“This was probably one of our personal highlights from the weekend as it gave us the chance to repeat some of our vows and remind each other why we’re so lucky to have found one another.” – Babba said for Vogue.

“And while Friday’s dinner had been very heartfelt, the night was all about partying!”

– from Babba’s Vogue interview

The following morning the group went for sports and activities like kayaking, running, yoga, volleyball, tennis, etc.

A 10K bike ride followed for everyone to enjoy the landscape. Khaki-Camp dress code (inspired by Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom”) brought a cinematic feeling to the entire experience, which was topped up with a breathtaking beach concert by Crying Day Care Choir band.

“We had been intentionally vague about our destination, so as we got closer to the hill leading down to the beach and our guests started to hear a band playing live music somewhere close by… a lot of excitement built up! Once on the beach, there was a BBQ buffet, picnic blanket, and a stage worthy of the setting, featuring the incredible family band Crying Day Care Choir. It felt like walking into a movie,” Babba remembers

– from Babba’s Vogue interview

See the cute girl looking at the camera on the left, captured in the perfect rule of thirds? – she designed Elena, in which Sharon effortlessly shoots a full day wedding. Thank you @saniaclausdemina

I’d say that everyone got the feeling of “walking into a movie” when we arrived at the beach. But with the help of Laura Gardener from Love, Laura (who you’ll also meet on our blog soon), this entire out-of-this-world experience was made possible. I mean, a private concert on a beach without electricity or running water – that’s absolutely something not to be forgotten!

And there was also this other thing… The synergy of incredible people, finding themselves at this very remote place, realizing there’s nothing else to be done but celebrating. Running into the freezing North Sea. Breathing for this very moment. Living life.


Riding back from the beach taught us that there was a shorter path, though we would choose the long route if we were to do it again!

After some rest, we found ourselves at the traditional Swedish Crayfish Party. It started as a regular dinner but then turned into something very different.

“About 10 minutes into the dinner, people were on the tables singing and challenging each other to rounds of schnaps and drawing each others’ portraits in our songbook”

– from Babba’s Vogue interview

The crayfish party transformed into a wild disco when the Class of Rivera moved to the next location. Having your friends playing music at your party makes you dance differently.

Carl and Babba certainly did. So as the rest of the Rivera, Class of 2019.

“You could almost touch the energy in the room as everyone got down”

– from Babba’s Vogue interview

Until next time, friends.


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